Losing Ground - Single

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Final Single Art (Resize).jpg

Losing Ground - Single


released September 23, 2014

Words & Vocals by Deli (@delirowe)
Produced by Jarius Wilson (@itzfunni91)
Recorded at Prodigy Studios, RVA
Mixed by Say at Yellow House Studios, RVA (@streetratt)
Mastered by Sage Audio, Nashville

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I've been away from love so long
I didn't think I could fall this hard
See I take pride in standing my ground
Why is it that you've got me open wide?

I always seem to fall for your type
Then I end up losing ground
You always seem to take me so high
Then you have me crashing down
I always seem to fall for your type
I can never keep my ground

Your eyes are the perfect disguise
Every time I look in, I can never see through your lies
Oh, but I'm to blame for my own demise
Cause to my surprise, I let you take my eyes off the prize

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